Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Journey

strengthen me
for the journey
O my God…

i feel you drawing
me Home
pulling me toward you
on a journey
far too great
for my fragile
little self.

how can i find
my way
to a Home
I have never seen?

how can i know
where to go,
when there is
no map
(except the one
you have written
on my heart)?

you have given me
beauty to drink
and i am
yet thirsting still
with all my being.

my heart
goes flying,
searching for
your Heart,
i can fly
no more.

and then
at last
i rest

you are there.
i am Home.

      - mary

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

(a small annoucement)
Greetings! This is just a short message to alert you to something new. I have decided to start "micro-blogging" on Twitter. For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter, it is used by many for social networking but by others, such as myself, for very brief blogging. Brief, because every posting is limited to 140 characters! I am going to try to post a few words there every day in the same spirit as this blog.

 I will continue to blog here, with longer reflections, photos, etc. I am simply adding the Twitter so as to be able to be in touch more frequently. To go there, see the side bar at the left of this page.

(Note: if you and I have a professional relationship, please do not try to contact me through my Twitter account. It is a very public forum and not a good place for discussion of personal issues. You may always be in touch through our regular modes of contact. Thanks.)