Friday, January 1, 2010

Grace and Peace

It is a new year. As such, that can mean many things to many people: another holiday; a reason to party; an opportunity to emotionally put in the past pain experienced in the last 12 months; a time to hope for a new beginning.

Yesterday, when I was considering that I wanted to post something for the new year, I had a sense of excitement as a number of positive ideas came to my mind. Today, I am reminded that life is a gift, but one over which I have little control. My body is tired and my mind is fogged as I recover from a migraine (nothing serious, I assure you, but just an unexpected detour from my plans). So, instead of trying to be profound, I will turn to the simplicity of mindfulness:  living in the present moment, not judging, accepting. Simply because this moment isn't what I wanted or expected doesn't mean that it is "bad" or a reason to complain. I can accept it as part of the larger plan, the larger gift which is my life, that includes both the welcome and the unwelcome. The Gift challenges me to accept that life is good, even though it does not always feel good. And meditation challenges me with an awareness that each new breath signals a new moment, a new opportunity, unlike every one that went before it ...

Since my mind is foggy, I decided to turn to the dictionary (Merriam-Webster) - always a good standby.
Grace: "unmerited divine assistance".
Peace: "a state of tranquility or quiet...freedom from disquiet or oppressive thoughts or emotions... harmony of personal relationships."

And so, I wish you grace and peace in the new year.