Monday, July 15, 2013

Something new...

I have been a most negligent go for more than a month without posting anything?! I am ashamed. But I am also repentant and therefore hope you will forgive me.

To demonstrate the genuineness of my contrition, I am starting today a project that will continue daily for the next 7 days. Each day, I will post a word and associated photo, accompanied by a brief reflection. Although the photos and words have already been chosen (and are also posted in my office), I have no idea what I will write each day as I undertake this. But I will write something.

However, the project is not intended to stop there. I am also inviting readers, new and old, to also share reflections on these words/photos. Since this blog is not set up to accept comments, you may e-mail me your reflections, art, poetry, etc. related to the day's topic. Then, in approximately 2 weeks, I will do another 7 day cycle, posting the submissions of others. The reflections/art do not need to be "good", i.e. I don't want anyone to hold back because they think that whatever they might submit would be unworthy. The purpose of this is to share. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, consider that something might be offered through you for the benefit of an unseen other. This is not a contest. It is a gift-fest.

There are to be just a few basic ground rules:

(1) Since it is my blog, I have the right to decide if I think it is better not to post someone's submission. I don't imagine that I will need to invoke this much if at all but it is important for me to put it out there. If you submit something that I don't think should be posted, I will e-mail you back and explain why. (You would then have the option to modify whatever might be the "problem".)

(2) Please keep your submission consistent with the blog's nature and topic, e.g. offering hope, being respectful of others' beliefs (or lack thereof), etc.

(3) Please do not submit anything that is not yours, i.e. poetry, photos, videos, etc. that you do not own the rights to. If you are quoting someone, please say who you are quoting. If you want to include a link, I will check it out and allow it if it checks out OK.

(4) I need to know who you are - so please give me your name in your e-mail. (If I don't know you personally, it would also be helpful to know how you came to the blog.) I will not print your full name unless you ask me to (e.g. if your material is copyrighted or you want to offer a link to your own blog or art). Generally, I would discourage the use of full names for posting purposes and would ask you to tell me what identifier you would like me to use (e.g. initials, made-up name, etc.). If you don't tell me your preference, I will call you "anonymous".

(5) If you are a patient of mine, you are most welcome to participate but please do not submit anything here that is intended to be a clinical communication with me. If you need to talk to me as your psychologist, contact me as you normally would.

(6) You may submit something for each of the 7 days or for just one. There are no rules regarding this - as long as you don't spam me! (approximate deadline for submissions is August 5th).

So - send any e-mail submissions (indicating what day it is associated with), with your full name (will be kept private) and the identifier you would like me to use instead of your name to:
(Please do not use this e-mail address for anything other than this 7 day project because I do not otherwise monitor it regularly.)

So open yourself...allow gifts of words, images and sounds to be given through you...