Thursday, November 7, 2013

how could I not?

it was not what i had planned -
truly it wasn't.

i left church on Sunday
overflowing with Eucharist
and was only going
to stop at a lake by the library 
for an image or two.

however, on the way to my car
a poem happened.
that was my first sign.
hastily i jotted it down
and changed into walking shoes.

enroute to the library i knew, 
i somehow missed the turn,
my car about-facing me
into the golden woods of autumn.

i was going to turn around,
really i was...
it would have been
the sensible thing to do.
i had bills to pay, 
groceries to buy..

but i looked in among the trees
and saw that God was there.
how could i not go in?

"i'll go in just a little,
just for a few minutes,"
i thought to myself.

but He beckoned further.

"just a bit more," i told myself.
but He drew me deeper.

it no longer mattered where i was.

deeper and deeper my heart into His,
each step a wordless prayer,
each image a vision of His glorious face.
how could i not enter and see?

and then i saw it...

down slippery slope of amber red,
 feet sinking to muddy depths -
a bubbling stream of new life,
spilling its love upon the rocks.

my fingers itched with cold,
 my stomach rumbled its hunger,
 i had no idea where i was -
and found it didn't matter.

never before had i felt less lost.

for i walked in His sacred house, 
 stood before His holy font -
and it was time to trust.
how could i not?

and so it happened...

(to Him be glory forever.)


Epilogue: God led me back to my car without incident, much to my wonderment. I cannot regret this experience - it was a gift beyond measure. But for the sake of those who are kind enough to care about me, I will take my cell phone with me next time :-).