Thursday, January 2, 2014


The New Year has had a very cold and snowy beginning here in northeast Ohio. And it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Because it is so cold, the snow is the light fluffy type that blankets the world in deep white and then is sculpted further by the breath of God.

A quick run through it leaves one's pant legs covered in a fine powdery spray so soft and joyful that being cold and wet seems a small price to pay for the delight.

The sky is steely grey. The sun appears as a pale disk of light for but a moment and then slips away. Yet darkness does not rule these days robed in crystalline white. For a few days, our world is made pure and holy - as it was always meant to be.

Since my camera and I began experiencing the world together in the last couple of years, I have discovered that there is far more holiness in our world than I had come to perceive. Most of my days are spent with contraptions built by human hands. And if I do not take the time to explore further, I may forget what I know and begin believing that this is all there is.

But there is so much more. And I don't have to travel great distances or engage in great disciplines to encounter this Holiness. It is often just outside my window or a short trek from home or workplace.

Once again, I have made a short video to celebrate the beauty of God in His creation, as received by camera and me in the course of the year just past. Such joy to be able to view the seasons blend, one into another, each with their own unique way of proclaiming the Creator.

I invite you to share this short journey through time with me. See if you see what I see: every blade of grass, every insect and small creature, every flower and leaf, giving praise to the Holy One, each in its own distinctive way.

And why should they not? His Spirit permeates every cell of their beings and they live at one with Him, eternally in love with the Father and Son, in the rapturous dance called Life.

Perhaps we can learn from them. Watch. Listen...

(If you are a YouTube novice, note that you can see the images on a larger screen by clicking in the brackets in the lower right corner of the video.)