Sunday, June 1, 2014

Being with God...

Just a little over a week ago, I went away to a hermitage for a couple of days to be with God.

It was a profound experience, to be alone with Him in a little cabin in the woods. To walk with Him through trees and verdant grasslands, seeing His beauty in every blade of grass and blossom, listening and watching His creatures as they frolicked and flitted joyously with the fertile energy of spring.

It was an experience of being more than doing, of resting in the embrace of our loving God, whether I was praying or reading, washing dishes or cleaning out the fireplace to build a fire against the chilly night.

Today, I learned that my father will very soon be going to spend eternity with God, to rest in that loving embrace forever.

My father has walked closely with God for many, many years. As a believer, he has glimpsed the Beauty, he has trusted in the Goodness, he has attempted to live the Love in every aspect of his life.

I will miss him when he no longer lives among us in his body. But I am happy for him - happy that he will be freed of his body's suffering - and even more happy that he will know the Beauty, the Goodness and the Love Whom he has sought to follow all of his life.

Today, as I awaited news (my father lives hundreds of miles away from me), I completed the editing of a video comprised of images, words and sounds from my time at the hermitage. Open your heart in prayer with me...