Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week of Mercy: Day 3

Yesterday evening, my camera and I went to the shores of Lake Erie (Edgewater Park) to watch the sun set. I was not disappointed. I had already decided to write yesterday's story about the ocean of mercy and this image was one of many I received. (Yes, that is a little boat out on the water.)

The late day sun had been brilliant, so bright I could hardly see to drive, even with sun glasses on. As the sun slowly slipped downward toward the horizon, the sky was painted with more and more swirls of light and glorious color. 

Tonight, with this image, I am posting an audio meditation, continuing the theme of the ocean of God's mercy. (To listen, click the play button on the player below.) It is intended to be restful and slow-moving, lasting just over 22 minutes. Caution: listening to this meditation may make you sleepy. :-) 

Many blessings as you rest in His mercy.

(I am also posting this audio file at my podcast site which you may access by clicking the "Listen to night prayer" link to the left. I hope to eventually have a small collection of restful audio reflections for you there.)