Monday, February 3, 2014

on a lighter note :-)

(The following is a whimsical little poem I wrote for Groundhog's Day,  followed by a lovely image received yesterday. You may also listen to an audio recording of the poem by clicking on the play button of the mp3 player at the bottom of the post.)

it hardly seemed true winter
that first February day of yore
as we clung to our umbrellas
whilst on the way to market.

by night, we lost ourselves to slumber
amidst pattered rain on rooftops,
hatching dreams of shadowless morn
as groundhogs pledged their early spring.

upon waking to an early brightness,
we wait in dread to raise the shade
lest behind it lurk a shining sun
ready to becloud our faint-held hopes.

steeling our courage, we peek…
and oh the heavenly delight we see –
old flowerbeds adrift in frosty wonder
and every tree abloom with snow.

though the sun itself’s gone missing
its cloudy shroud we now embrace
for furry creatures have left their footprints
but their shadows – not a trace!